New Love: T Galleria (DFS)

New Love: T Galleria (DFS)

I have (stupidly) just discovered a new beauty location in Hong Kong to satiate my love for Estée Lauder: the T Galleria (DFS). Just to clarify here, the DFS is basically a Duty Free Store that is…outside of the airport. I normally waltz by this store and particular location on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui (a beautiful, central location in the city by the way in case any of you lovely people are dropping in to Hong Kong for a trip, or you want your hands on some awesome duty-free shopping before you hit the airport) telling…CHANTING to myself that this is a location for tourists and I probably won’t find anything good.

Dammit I was so wrong.


Courtesy of DFS Galleria 🙂

I note here that this was a stupid revelation because I walked by this place so. many. times. Never once did I waltz in there to check out the promotions or anything. I walked into this beautiful mall yesterday and interestingly, it wasn’t as packed to the brim with tourists and their assorted wheelies like it normally would be; I made it to the centre of the mall and there was a beautiful arrangement of Estée Lauder holiday gift offers and travel exclusives (think 100ml bottles, mini travel sets, samples, duos and the like. :D)

It was like I walked in there and I said, “Here, here. Take my money. Just take it.”

The promotions are actually slightly different — and when I say different, I mean better for my purposes — and you end up getting more cute travel bottles/sample sizes of products.

For me, I got the travel exclusives of the ANR II Face Serum (100ml) ANR II Eye Duo Bottle Set (I know, I know. I mentioned in the ANR II Face & Eye review before that I had given up hope on the Eye Serum after just one bottle; I’m willing to give it a second (and well, third) try for this since I had to get a second and third (and by now, fourth) bottle of the ANR II Face Serum to really the results of how my skin would be without it and that the repair is steady but surely in progress. The 100ml bottle works out to be better bang for the buck as currently it’s my main — or rather, only one for now — serum for day and night and I use it for my face, neck and décolletage.

I know that’s a lot of ground — or skin in this case — to cover for a serum and hefty for my pocket, but anti-aging has got to start with your own routine and consistency and the neck and décolletage are one of the more commonly neglected area for women; it shows signs of aging just as much the face does so it deserves the TLC you give for your face as well. Imagine a nice, firm face but a relatively saggy, wrinkly neck and décolletage; it’s not a pretty sight and it just looks downright neglectful of you. It’s never too late to start showing some love for your skin! 🙂

With this purchase, I got a slew of samples that I will actually want to use and make a point of using plus a nice blue cosmetic bag to contain it all:

2015-11-22 22.08.39

From left to right:

Full-sized Products: ANR II Eye Serum Duo pack, ANR II Face Serum (100ml)
Travel-sized products: Lipgloss, ANR II Face Serum (x2), Micro Essence (x2), ANR II Eye Gel, Resilience Lift Night & New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum

I think I’ve become a convert for T Galleria now for my future beauty needs. 😀 Check out their list of beauty brands (and your other vices — clothing, alcohol and more :D) here !

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