3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Melting Stick Foundation Review

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Melting Stick Foundation aillis201510282224484

Price: HKD298
Shade: 010

After raving about the NYX Stick Foundation and using it as my undereye and overall concealer, I had a feeling that I should stock up since the NYX kiosks in Hong Kong move around quite often and I might end up not being able to find it.

Fast forward to about a week and a half ago where I was on a bit of a wild goose chase after checking out the list of NYX retailers and turning up empty handed when I realized that those retailers only stocked up on eye makeup palettes and a couple lipsticks. It was pretty sad. 😦 Plus, the NYX flagship shop is in Tsuen Wan which is…far to say the least. So, no go.

aillis201510290800184I walked by 3CE in Langham Mall, Mong Kok and I decided to check it out. They happen to have a foundation stick that felt comparably as creamy as the NYX one. I had moseyed by Revlon and Bobbi Brown before then to check out their foundation sticks; the former had a very dry and unflattering formula for even normal skin girls and the latter was actually pretty good (and pricey) but I didn’t feel that it was creamy enough for my relatively dry skin.
As expected with Korean makeup lines, the colour selection was slim. Out of the two available shades, I chose the lighter option to match my NC20 shade. I brought the NYX one to help match shades and upon first glance, the 3CE one is a tad lighter than the NYX one. However, once blended in, it’s a actually a perfect match 🙂aillis201510290807069

I’ve used this foundation stick for the past week and I must say that its staying power is amazing and it hasn’t oxidized at all throughout the day. 😀 One of the main downsides to this would be its packaging where yes, it’s encased in a sturdy metal tube casing as opposed to NYX’s all-plastic ensemble, but it’s rather heavy when you throw it into your makeup bag along with everything else you bring along. In addition, although this product is quite a bit more expensive than the NYX one, I’m definitely going to put this on my repurchase list 🙂

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