Biolane Nourishing and Moisturizing Cream Review

Biolane Nourishing and Moisturizing Cream

Price: HKD85 on sale (RRP: HKD115)
Volume: 100ml
Made in France

I was in Mannings the other day and 2015-10-02 07.20.28I wasn’t actually looking for face cream in particular; I was just supposed to get toothpaste and get out of there LOL

I walked past the Baby aisle and I stopped to take a look at the rows of Mustela and Biolane baby shampoos and general baby care. This cream was one of the last few tubes left on the rack and it was marked with a great sale sign; naturally, I picked up a tube and ran through the ingredients, production/expiry date, safety seal check — the whole shebang. I decided to give this one a go as I was starting to run low on my La Roche Posay B5 Balm (LRP B5) and I was either going to get a replenishment tube of it or try something new.

And gosh. Maybe this review should be a compare and contrast with the LRP B5 since they both felt and worked similarly on my skin for all intents and purposes.

Made in France, this cream is comparable to the moisturizing abilities and intensities to the LRP B5; both use the B5 as a core ingredient to lock in moisture and nourish the skin. There are three main areas that are fairly different, and possibly dealbreakers for some:

  1. Consistency: as the name suggests, the Biolane one is of a more viscous texture than the LRP B5 — which is a balm — but it is by no means a runny texture by any measure. I feel that the Biolane is great for use everyday for most seasons, even under makeup as a day cream, and I would save the LRP B5 for colder seasons and for particularly rough patches.
  2. Scent: The first thought that hit me when I put on the Biolane was how…not subtle the scent was LOL. It definitely reminded me of the Body Shop’s “Ocean” spray. The tube itself says that it’s formulated without parabens and as a baby product, I simply assumed that it would also be fragrance-free (or a scent that doesn’t come on that strongly LOL). I will say though, that the scent does go away after the cream has been massaged; it’s only strong when it first comes out of the tube. Interestingly enough, the bottle doesn’t have added fragrance as one of its ingredients there. Perhaps someone with a chemistry background could answer this? 🙂
  3. Price: The LRP is HKD250/100ml and the Biolane is HKD115/100ml (and in my case, HKD85). If money is an issue, and its fragrance doesn’t bother or irritate you, then by all means this is a product that you could consider.

All in all, my skin seems quite happy and bouncy after trying this product both under makeup and as a night time cream; I’m most definitely super happy to both repurchase and throw an extra tube into my luggage as it’s great as an all round cream 😀

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