Marc by Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh Review

Marc by Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh2015-08-29 19.19.39

Price: HKD460 (Sasa)
Volume: 125ml

I needed a bit of a pick-me-up just before the new semester starts for me at a new job (yay!) and off I went to Sasa.

I wasn’t looking for any cosmetics this time so I ventured into the fragrance section of the store. The tester bottle sat there on the shelf looking all pretty and cute. I just had to try it out 🙂

Personally, when it comes to fragrance, I avoid scents that have vanilla, rose and anything that smells remotely sickly sweet and brings back memories of cheap and pungent post-gym body mists. I spritzed a bit of it onto one of those tester cards and took a whiff. I was completely taken away with a playful, clean and fresh scent. The fragrance has notes of natural raspberry, grapefruit, pear, violet, wild rose, apple blossom, musks, cedarwood, and plum.

I must say though, this is not a lasting kind of scent and if I were to have filled up a travel bottle with this fragrance, I would reapply it midday just to freshen up. For now, this is going to be my signature scent that keeps me feeling and smelling clean and fresh with a hint of playfulness 🙂

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