SaSa Haul: Estée Lauder Edition

SaSa Haul: Estée Lauder Edition

2015-08-10 18.17.17My skin has been in great need of some serious TLC after a series of mishaps (i.e. sunburn from Singapore, general allergic patches that end up all dry, patchy and gross), plus I’d run out of serums in my beauty cabinet as I surprisingly don’t actually have a whole lot of those in rotation. With serums, for some reason, I’ve just been the whole “just use enough face cream and you should be fine” and I didn’t put as much thought into them as I should have been. Seeing as I’m reaching my late twenties, I think it’s high time that I step up the ante and set a good targeted skin care regiment for my problematic areas now that I’m getting older (cue loud sobs here).

After much research online, deliberation and remembering that my skin reacted all right to the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair face and eye serum, I popped into my local SaSa and picked up the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair II Face Serum and the Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Lotion.

Now you’re probably wondering why I didn’t waltz over to the Estée Lauder counter that’s also conveniently located in the same mall, but instead fight through the various haggling aunties with their suitcases and the giggling school girls in SaSa and pick these products up.

One answer: it worked out to be cheaper.

Most of you readers probably know that there are ANR duo sets available in the airport duty free only, and this is no exception here in Hong Kong; however, SaSa (and other similar makeup companies) happens to stock said duo sets in their designated locations. As such, if you’re interested in trying out their entire series, or you have used them before and would like to stock up, it’s actually not a bad idea to purchase the duo and/or the smaller trial bottles to see if your skin likes it at all.

Side note: for those of you who are sensitive to fragrances (like me), some of Estée Lauder’s products (i.e. face creams and cleansers) have fragrance added into them (as opposed to it being a naturally occurring scent) so before you head out and buy the whole shebang, I would strongly suggest getting the little trial kits. I did before and I’m glad I did because my skin did not like their Time Zone face cream. I broke out in red itchy bumps all. over. my. face. It took a solid month for the bumps to recede, heal and peel. Not pretty at all.

Although I’m not the best at math, I try to make it a point to pull up a spreadsheet and pop in the products that I’m interested in buying online and seeing if the numbers add up to be realistically (still) within my budget:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 11.57.45 am

(Note: for the purpose of this calculation, I used the price for the 50ml Face Serum)

Based on what I found on the SaSa website as well as the Estée Lauder website, if I were to purchase each product separately, the totals came up to HKD1938 and HKD2740. Therefore, if I bought the products from SaSa, I would save HKD802. To take it even further, if I were to buy the ANR duo set, eye serum and the lotion, the total would be HKD1883 instead.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure as heck would like to have money left over in my budget for another potential targeted product. Or just having money left over. Period. 😀 Granted, I had to do my due diligence in checking the products’ packing, edition (i.e. ANR or ANR II), safety seals, expiry dates and the whole nine yards; however, I’ve purchased other products from SaSa before and they haven’t let me down so far.

Product reviews to follow 🙂

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