Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair II Face Serum Review

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair II Face Serum Review2015-08-10 21.30.34

ANR II Face Serum
Price: HKD880
Volume: 50ml 

During my Vegas trip last summer, I bought the travel set of the Estée Lauder ANR II Face and Eye Serum set at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets because it was a) on sale and b) I was curious about the raving reviews. I started the set around September and finished it around December but I didn’t repurchase it because I wanted to try other new products; I’m happy to say that the iconic little brown bottle is now proudly sitting on my beauty shelf once more after my SaSa haul today 🙂 On the other hand, I chose not to repurchase the ANR II Eye Serum as I didn’t feel that it did much for my relatively drier eye area in terms of moisture retention; it was one of those serums where it didn’t irritate my eyes, nor did it really do much – for the price that this serum goes for, I feel that I could do more hunting around 😦

Housed in a sturdy plastic bottle with a dropper, the formula is great as an all-round facial serum. To be honest, this is not a cheap product; if you don’t necessarily have major areas of concerns with your skin, you could (and probably should) try other equally good all-round serums such as the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. Your skin is probably still young enough to get away with just needing extra hydration and not necessarily anti-aging **shakes fist angrily**

I decided to go back to this facial serum because I remember how my skin just drank the serum all up and I woke up with much more hydrated, luminous skin, which is a marked difference from waking up with a greasy, shiny face where the face cream from the night before didn’t do much sinking in but instead just kind of stayed on my face. There’s a complete difference between luminous skin and greasy skin; you can tell that your skin products are working for you when you wake up with a slight healthy sheen to your face and your skin feels bouncy as opposed to oily and puffy. Definitely not a good look to rock 😦

The ANR II Face Serum is a great step up in a skincare regime – as it definitely is for me. On the company website, the serum is “fragrance-free” and is ideal for “all skin types” as well as the following:

  1. Multiple signs of aging
  2. Visible age prevention
  3. Dryness, dehydration
  4. Lines and wrinkles
  5. Dullness, loss of radiance
  6. Oil-free

Courtesy of Estée Lauder  🙂

After using one bottle, my skin is undoubtedly happy with the fragrance- and oil-free aspects of the formula as Estée Lauder products are known to have floral scents; I feel that numbers 3 to 6 are addressed well and almost immediately within the first couple of applications; it would be fairer to say that numbers 1 and 2 would take a longer period of time to tell – and possibly subsequent replenishments of this product – to full see anti-aging benefits. Personally, I would include a second serum (if needed) that has a more pointed approach for problematic issues (i.e. dark spots, scarring, hyperpigmentation, etc.) as I feel that the ANR face serum is better suited for all-round moisture retention and long-term benefits. I would rather purchase from a company that is more focused on long-term benefits as opposed to marketing a product that promises to give instantaneous results; this iconic product is one of the longest standing market leaders for anti-aging and the reviews of women from a variety of age groups can attest to the long-term benefits. 🙂

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