Vitacreme B12 Review

Vitacreme B12

Price: HKD250 | GBP20
Volume: 50ml
Availability: Online2015-07-24 18.18.20

I had picked up and added a new product (to me) to my daily skincare regime a couple months back and I’ve got to say it’s been interesting thus far. The Vitacreme B12 was made famous in Japan a while back after a Norika Fujiwara, a very popular Japanese actress at the time, claimed that it rejuvenated her skin and made her look younger than her actual age

Made in Switzerland, the cream is in a toothpaste-like tube and it’s of a light pink colour. The website itself notes that the Vitacreme B12 does the following:

  • Skin Reconditioning
  • Very significant reduction in the extent of the wrinkles and fold of the skin
  • Improvement in skin elasticity
  • Correction of the skin dryness

Courtesy of Vitacreme B12 UK

The cream is meant to be applied to the face and neck; I did exactly that for a couple months. Upon application, the cream has a slightly fruity smell to it – not artificial fragrance, so my skin didn’t react badly to it – and it quickly sank into my face and neck. It didn’t feel as moisturizing as my skin wanted it to be so I had to add a small dollop of my Nivea Soft cream afterwards.

In regards to the claims, I feel that it has made my skin is more supple and soft, in a way where other creams and moisturizers get absorbed better than they did before. The elasticity and wrinkle reduction claims might take a little longer to verify as I don’t have (deep) enough wrinkles to justify that claim just yet.

Aside from the cream’s own purposes, I don’t feel that it serves much other purpose like how some products can do (i.e. as a skin prep for makeup in the morning or be a booster for serums in the evening, etc.) other than being…an extra, standalone skincare product. As such, I think that you can probably skip this one and move onto better multi-taskers that are available on the market and can do the same and more.

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