Kanebo Dew Superior Line Review

Kanebo Dew Superior

Whoo, it’s been hectic for the past couple of days since I got back from Singapore and now I finally have time to review the skin care line that I gave a full test run during my time in Singapore up until now: Kanebo Dew Superior.

As one of the major cosmetics and skincare powerhouses in Japan, Kanebo’s Dew Superior line was launched in 2007 to replace the original Dew series, and it is sold in higher-end department stores. I was lucky enough to receive samples of this line after buying foundation and loose powder from the Kanebo beauty counter. Like I mentioned before, it’s best to hold out and save skincare samples for trips and hold out I did 🙂

For the purpose of this review, I used only the following products for more than a week and in this particular order:

Cleansing Oil

2015-07-15 22.29.14

I didn’t like this. Yes, it was nice and smooth going onto my face and it didn’t
cause me to break out or anything. This is a tissue-off type of cleansing oil – as opposed to the emulsifying kind – and I didn’t feel like I got off all of my makeup without going at it a second time. I find the tissue-off kind of cleansing oil to be terrible for dry/sensitive skin as although you’re cleaning off the skin with swipes, at some point the skin will feel like it’s being tugged; this creates unnecessary wrinkles 😦

Besides, it felt terribly wasteful to use tissue after tissue to clean up my makeup, when I could just wash it off with water and avoid any kind of physical tugging or dragging on my face. 🙂 I switched right back to my little back up bottle of the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil after I finished this sample bottle.

Wash Cream

2015-07-15 22.31.15

This was creamy, rich and lathered up real well 🙂 I used this in the morning as well
as in the evening after my cleansing oil routine as I prefer the double-cleansing method for my night routine; my face was left squeaky clean without feeling dry or tight when I used this in the AM and PM.


Lotion I & II

2015-07-15 22.56.11
The lotion in Japanese skincare is very much like the toner in Western skincare; there is a Lotion I and Lotion II as you can choose the level of hydration needed based on your skin’s condition. For the purpose of the review, I paired Lotion I with Moisture Concentrate I (Pair 1) and tried them outfirst before using Lotion II and Moisture Concentrate II (Pair 2). I would say that for my combination-dry skin and the humid environment that I was in (i.e. Singapore and Hong Kong), Pair 1 is best used for Spring/Summer where it delivers just the right amount of hydration without making my face feel overly sticky; as such, Pair 2 is best for the Fall/Winter time of the year.

However, with that being said, I don’t think Pair 1 would’ve been enough hydration for my skin when I’m in a place with relatively much lower humidity for most of the year (i.e. Vancouver) as I feel like I would have to layer on a richer face cream to balance out the moisture level. With this in mind, I would approach with caution if and when any of you decide to try this line out as environmental factors play a significant part to how well or terribly your skin reacts to products 🙂

Moisture Concentrate I & II 2015-07-15 22.57.07

This is basically a (light) serum that you massage in after the lotion – again, there is
a choice of the hydration level based on your skin’s condition. My opinions for I and II are shared above. 🙂

Lift Concentrate Essence2015-07-15 22.58.44

With a jelly-like consistency, this essence is the final seal to either Pair 1 or Pair 2 just before the moisture cream; I felt that this smoothed things out even more after the lotion and moisture concentrate and it locked down the hydration in my skin 🙂


Moisture Cream2015-07-15 22.59.49

I would compare this cream’s consistency to Nivea’s white tub of goodness but it’s fragrance-free; my skin was well moisturized and my
skin was left feeling very soft and with a healthy glow in the morning 🙂 I think this cream would carry well over into the colder month, with perhaps a couple drops of facial oil for an extra boost of moisturization 🙂

Wow, that was a long post but I didn’t think I could do this fabulous skincare line any justice without detailing it all 🙂

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