YSL Touch of Light Gift Set Review

YSL Touch of Light Gift Set Review

Touche Éclat Shade: #2
Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shade: Noir | Travel Sized (2ml)
Price: USD40 (Las Vegas Premium Outlets :))2015-07-24 18.22.04

On my short but sweet Vegas trip last year, I did a relatively clean sweep of the store 😀 I’ll justify my 25-minute sweep by saying that…there was a good 25% off everything in store ranging from Smashbox Palettes to Clinique sets to YSL and more 🙂

Amongst my findings, I found the YSL gift set perched right by the door amongst a series of their blushes and eyeshadows 🙂 I picked up a YSL blush for Mama Cappuccino, the gift set for myself and a couple more beautiful Smashbox palettes as souvenirs 🙂

2015-07-24 18.25.41

I kept the gift set with me until I got back to Hong Kong and it was only recently around last month that I pulled out the Touche Éclat to give it a go 🙂 I know, I know, I know. Shopping at the outlet malls for cosmetic items could end up being a disastrous situation (i.e. products having gone off, been opened, etc.), and the fact that I kept the products till now to try out is not only insane but a skin disaster waiting to happen.

So far it’s been good. I’ve tried out the Touche Éclat since last month till now and I’ve had no issues thus far. What I will say is that not only is the product creamy and easily used (two clicks is all you’ll need for both eyes :)) even for newbies, the packaging is great to tote along for travel and this product is the ONLY concealer I’ve used under my eyes that has not creased or budged by the end of the day. The coverage is excellent 🙂2015-07-24 18.23.40

The fact that it hasn’t creased or faded away is saying a lot for me because for my age, I’ve got my fair share of fine lines, naturally dry undereye area and dark circles compared to girls who are in the same age range as I am. I’ve tried using anti-aging treatments for the eye area by different companies, but it seems like my skin isn’t at the age range for the products to fully work? I end up getting milia and it’s all greasy and gross. I guess I just have naturally drier eyes and I’m prone to getting fine lines 😦

The mascara didn’t do much for me as I have rather straight stubby Asian lashes that just won’t quit in…staying straight. LOL 🙂 It’s a nice formula and easily removed with makeup remover; it lives up to its volumizing properties but my lashes couldn’t stay curled 😦 ; I don’t think it’s good enough to dissuade me from my love for my Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof mascara ❤

The Touche Éclat is on my repurchase list when I run out because I’ve done some more googling online and this product is also great as a highlighter 🙂 I don’t normally do contouring/highlighting for my everyday looks, but when the time comes for me to do so, I’m going to be all swatch-happy with it ❤

6 thoughts on “YSL Touch of Light Gift Set Review

    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Hello Leanne!

      I’ll say that for now, the Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber base and Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof Mascara has stood the test of time for me…the lashes stay curled. Volumized. Lengthened. I can hear the Lash angels sing in the morning when I put these two on ❤ I stay raccoon eyes-free too 🙂

      Thank you for the nomination, sunshine 🙂

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