Vista Case Covers Review

Etsy: Vista Case Covers Review

I thought I’d take a break from my usual makeup review and take a look at my other love: online shopping.

I love me some online deals and the whole multi-2015-07-04 20.25.58window-multi-tab cross comparisons on my laptop while I sip on a nice hot cappuccino. 🙂

To protect my current iPhone, I looked around in popular tech hotspots in Hong Kong for the particular type of case that I was looking for (i.e. a wallet case with more than 3 card slots, which also needs to be sturdy, pretty and less than HKD500). I ended up with nothing that matched more than one of those criteria. As such, online I went.

I came across Vista Case Covers on Etsy and gosh, I was amazed. What was I DOING all that time wandering around in Hong Kong, when the case that I wanted was online all this time? Situated in Sydney, Australia, the store has a plethora of vibrant yet practical wallet cases to fit phones ranging from Sony to Samsung to Apple to even customized cases. I clicked through the pages for iPhones and after scrolling through abstract art, colourful skulls, supernovas and cutesy cartoon animals; I came across a beautiful oil painting of the Eiffel tower on the case cover. A cover that combines my love for all things beautiful, travel and my bucket list?


I got the case in the mail about 2 weeks later, and I took it out to take pictures of it and everything; but I put it away to save it for when I would replace the temporary case that I bought while I waited for the Eiffel Tower one to arrive in the mail. Fast forward to today, my temporary case started to look a little too beaten up and it felt a little too heavy in my bag so I retired that case and put on this new one 🙂 The printing of the Eiffel Tower on the case is bright and of a high quality and the case feels sturdy yet is light enough to hang onto while I’m out and about. For about AUD30 (incl. shipping)**, this was much cheaper than what I found around in Hong Kong and online, and a lot prettier and practical by a long shot.

Let’s just say that I’m very much a happy camper here, and I encourage you to check the store out to see if you can find a phone case that reflects your personality 🙂

**Approximately USD22 | HKD175 | CAD22

DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated or requested to give a review on the store in any way, shape or form. I’m merely a very happy customer who bought the case with my own money and I wanted to share my shopping experience with all of you in the world 🙂

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