Revlon Colorstay Two-way Powder Foundation Review

Revlon Colorstay Two-way Powder Foundation

Watsons: HKD165
Shade: 130 Shell

2015-07-24 18.47.28I’ve always been a fan of the Japanese pressed powders as they feel more hydrating for touch ups; as I live in Hong Kong, Japanese pressed powders from various drugstore and high-end brands such as Kate, Media, Kanebo, Canmake and Shiseido are readily available in local Watsons and Sasa. I was curious as to how this two-way powder would fare on my combination-dry skin. I generally use pressed powder on my forehead, entire nose and under my eye after I’m done dusting on loose powder as I feel that those areas require better coverage than the rest of my face; in addition, I use the pressed powder to do touch ups in the afternoon.

The powder is finely milled, and it feels silky and slightly more hydrated than most drugstore pressed powders; those tend to feel drier to the touch and consequently, “rougher”. Interesting note here: Japanese and Korean pressed powders and two-way foundations tend to be more hydrating for the skin and are excellent for touch ups for girls with dry skin or for the fall/winter weather because they have hyaluronic acid added in them; this particular ingredient helps lock moisture into the skin and it helps blend the powder in more seamlessly. The downside would be the shade selection as they tend to be quite limited to those who are quite fair/yellow based; dark skinned beauties tend to have more of a problem in finding (any) shade that is even remotely close to theirs with these companies).

This was quite the gem as it did well for my touchups on my nose as well as the drier parts of my face (i.e. jawline) without emphasizing any dry patches. The sponge that it came with is nothing to write home about…it just does the job. The shade of the powder matched the foundations on my current rotation; I’d like to note here that the two-way powder foundation is only available in Asia. 😦 ) Overall, when I run out of my current Bobbi Brown two-way powder foundation, this Revlon item will most definitely make it into my make up bag 🙂

2 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Two-way Powder Foundation Review

    • ms.cappuccino says:

      Hello! I’m thinking it’s because this part of the world is big (and I mean BIG) on keeping their makeup being moisturizing and hydrating; this is also the reason why infusing hyaluronic acid into liquid and powder foundations have been on most makeup companies’ memos 🙂

      I gotta say though, the powder foundation goes on silky smooth and even when you do touchups throughout the day, it doesn’t look flakey dry on the skin; the powder blends with your skin and smooths things out 🙂

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