Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation Review

Revlon Colorstay 24hr Liquid Foundation

I had about an hour to kill before I headed off to2015-07-24 18.49.56 the Apple Store to get my iPhone 6 Plus fixed, so naturally, I headed to my closest Watsons to check out the Revlon Colorstay 24hr Foundation series as I have been on a drugstore cosmetics spree ever since I discovered the Max Factor Facefinity 3-in-1 Foundation series (click here for my review)! I’ve heard both glowing and not-so-glowing reviews about Revlon’s foundations, and being someone with sensitive skin, I have to be very wary about what I choose to try on my skin as I could very well end up with hives, welts and generally looking like a hot mess. Now, the Colorstay line is not new, as it has achieved cult status with many a makeup lover; this is, however, my first product with Revlon. Let’s take a look at how this little powerhouse did compared to my recent find:

Watsons: HKD165
Shade: 150 Buff (Combination/Oily)

The Asia version of this foundation comes with a pump! This made me feel very happy, as I know that the previous and North American versions came with no pump. I may be a morning person and I generally enjoy putting on makeup as it’s the calmest part of my day which involves a bit of me time, but I do not deal well with foundations that have a messy delivery method and a 2015-07-24 18.43.16pump just makes things easier. Upon application, I quickly felt that this was definitely a foundation that requires a faster and more efficient application method as it dries quickly; in general, dry-skinned girls will need a primer to help this particular foundation glide because the foundation does tend to cling to dry patches on the skin. I applied this foundation on with only my fingers but I can understand how some people would have streaking issues as this foundation dries fast. I recommend working on one part of the face and then moving onto the rest of the face, as opposed to dotting it on and then smoothing it out; this foundation will pretty much stay put once it’s dry and will not budge no matter how much you try to buff it out. At the end of the day, the foundation did not oxidise on my face and make me become a shade darker or an oompa loompa like some other brands will.

This foundation works for my combination skin during the summer in Hong Kong, where the weather can reach 33ºc and the humidity above 70%. Regular foundations just melt off my face when the heat wave starts; on the other hand, this is also especially true when I sit underneath the air conditioner to work in the staff room and the moisture is sucked right out of my skin. For some odd reason, Hong Kong only carries the Combination/Oily formulation; there is a FULL FLEET of shades for both the Normal/Dry and Combination/Oily formulas in other countries (click here) I normally choose the normal/dry formulas for foundations whenever it is available as like what I noted earlier, my skin has a tendency to get flakey and dry at will. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IN THE WINTER WHEN MY SKIN IS EVEN DRIER?

Frankly, what I normally do, and probably will do when I want to make this foundation last into the fall, is add a drop of my facial serum to the foundation and mix it before applying it. At the same time, I have to make sure that my face is prepped and primed regardless because, my skin can and will decide to flake up at will.

A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

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  1. GeezKyraLouise! says:

    Hello! Your blog is SO lovely and this is an awesome post, it is so helpful and detailed! I recently started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would LOVE if you could check it out! Kyra Xx


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